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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Day of Cliches

Once again I fell victim to insomnia last night. I choked down a Trazedone which should have made me comatose within an hour and then pulled an all-nighter. So, I hunkered down in my daybed, covered with five of my six cats and Emmy (Honey slept peacefully by the side of the bed) and finished reading Peter Abrahams's "End of Story" (excellent), read sixty pages of "Killer Dreams" by Iris Johansen (also a good read).

Just as I was beginning to nod out, the littlest cat started howling, jumping from my bed to the bureau, running through the house, and back again. She is once again, in heat.

So I got up and washed dishes and clothing, played Backgammon online, and spent the remainder of the night thinking (enviously)about all you fortunate sleeping people.

I certainly hope and pray I can fall asleep at a decent hour tonight. Ahhh, "to sleep, perchance to dream..."

I visited a friend's Yahoo360 web page today and was introduced to a couple of new Yahoo Groups I will most likely join. One is for loom knitters. While I don't actually loom knit, I do handknit and I have machine knitted for years. The object of the group is to make donations for charity such as squares that can be joined together as afghans...I can always handknit the squares or even weave them and join them myself prior to submitting them to the Group. Don't think anyone will object to that.

The other group called "Angels-Online," has basically the same goal as the Loom Group, which is to create and submit items for charity. Considering I've got knitted and woven afghan squares practically stacked to the ceiling, I think it would be wise if I contributed to both of these non-profit groups. How many afghans can one person own without being labelled 'obsessive' anyway?

My pc ran extremely sloooooowly today and it about drove me nuts. I know I should have just shut it down and gone off to do something constructive and worthwhile, but somehow I got the idea that it was a battle of wits between us. I was determined to get it to cooperate. Rebooted it twice. Deleted old files and decompressed stored ones. Updated javascript. Scanned for viruses.

You know you've been glued to your pc too long when no matter how you wiggle in the chair, your Southern bottom cries out to you in pain.

Just like you know you've smoked too much when you notice you've developed a callous from striking the lighter. I know, smoking even 1 cigarette is 'too much.' I will be out of cigarettes tomorrow and since I'm already out of money for the month, I've decided to quit smoking.

My friend Joy emailed me today and mentioned she's cut back drastically and is well on her way to quitting too. Currently she's suffering from pneumonia. See? Whatever it takes, no matter the motive, it's still an honorable thing to quit smoking. And knowing Joy's quitting at the same time (as is her husband), I won't feel as bad detoxing. There is truth to the adage,"Misery loves company." Yes, I do. You can call me "Misery."

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