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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catching Up...

I'm going to attempt to blog again...regularly. Even if no one reads what I write, I'll have managed to sort things out and hopefully get centered again...

My New Year's Resolutions were to return to college and reconnect with friends and family. I am pleased to announce that this is probably the first year of 50 years of resolutions that I'm committed to fulfilling.

I am an online student at Prince Institute of Birmingham, AL, double majoring in court reporting and close captioning. It's the most difficult curricula I've ever encountered, but so far, I'm earning straight As.

I've reached out to friends and family through the telephone (thank God I have Magic Jack!), and through Facebook. When I finish school and relocate (hopefully to New England), I would love to get together with my former St. Clare High classmates. I missed our one and only reunion held this past October.

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