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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm Baaack...

Just as I was getting the hang of blogging, my five-year-old Presario laptop crashed for the third and final time. Woe was I!

Then I found this Acer laptop "cheaponsale" as my daughter Monique would exclaim after we'd arrive home laden with shopping finds when she was little.

Earlier in the month, I'd replaced my Presario with a desktop model but due to an old neck fracture, gazing up at the monitor not only made my neck ache, but made me queasy and gave me a headache. So, off to WalMart again to exchange the dinosaur for another laptop.

The Acer is smaller than the Presario was, but it has 1GB of RAM and many nifty new features like wireless LAN, which will come in handy just as soon as I learn how to operate them.

Another new addition to our life was this 2007 Toyota Yaris Liftback which boasts 40mpg on the highway and 37mpg in the city. She's a dream to drive ~ especially after having to limp to town the past 3 years ~ and as great on gas as advertised. She's just the ticket for hauling gardening supplies home and ferrying the pets to the vet's...

During the time I was detoxing from no longer having access to a pc, and still without transportation, I tackled the eating area portion of our kitchen. I had lived with blindingly white walls for 2 1/2 years, which was downright sadistic to someone prone to migraines complete with light sensitivity.

I've spent the last fifteen frustrating minutes trying to move the "before" and "after" pics of my newly renovated kitchen to no avail. Bear with me. Computer geek I am not.

Anyway, still to be done, is to rag roll paint the burgundy stain over the parchment colored base (fancy term for 'beige') in the working part of my kitchen, wait for the hutch to arrive, and enjoy!

Oh yeah, and hem the floral drapes I sewed and hung prematurely over the patio doors.

I'd also like to install some sort of door whereby my cats could still pass through the bottom of in order to use their 'facilities.' Maybe a little swinging saloon door? Hmmm...See ya! Gotta go check out Lowe's.